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EVM's Low Floor Sprinter

Updated: Jul 27, 2018

EVM's Low Floor Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has hit new heights adding the Cityline 25 to their range.

The EVM Cityline carries 16 seated and up to 9 standing passengers.

The Cityline has been specifically designed for bus work - available in the Cityline 22 and 25 respectively. The former is built on a 5,000kg GVM Sprinter. It has 16 Seats - all forward facing and provision for six standees, while the Cityline 25 uses the 5,500kg GVM chassis. It has 13 forward facing seats, 3 tips ups, and space for 9 standing passengers.

"The product has proved itself since the Community was launched. At the beginning we needed to see whether it would stand up to bus work, and experience has shown that it does," says EVM Sales and Marketing Manager Peter Flynn

EVM has had considerable success with it's low floor model in the UK. In 2018 it's target is to place 50 into the UK market with a mix of community transport groups, local authorities and bus operators.

EVM installs the prefabricated low floor section and lowers the prop shaft immediately behind the gearbox to run beneath it. Beyond that, the shaft is perfectly straight to the rear axle. Standard fit for EVM's low-floor Sprinters is a 75 litre fuel tank.

One of the Cityline's natural strengths is its accessibility. The EVM range's floor is 20cm above road level, and its doors are high, wide and rapid in operation. A small luggage pen is on the left when boarding, and EVM prepares the Cityline for stage carriage use. Mounting points for a ticket machine and a cash tray are fitted, and the drivers seat can be specified to turn 90 degrees to permit cab access from the saloon.

Additionally EVM has developed a full-height, full-width anti-assault screen that extends from behind the cab to the nearside B pillar. The centre section is a door that comes with a slot and tray to allow for the issuing of tickets and transfer of money.

Standard fit in all EVM low floors is the seven-speed 7G-Tronic automatic gearbox. The 2.2 litre, 163bhp engine is more than up to the job. The fuel consumption is also good working out to be 10.46 litres/ 100km.

We believe this vehicle has a number of uses in New Zealand particularly regional bus routes and on-demand transport options.

Contact for further information.

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